MySQL Toggle Safe Update Mode

This article assumes you are aware of what you want to achieve. It is recommended to backup your database before making bulk updates. In this article we will take a look at what is “Safe Update Mode” in MySQL and how to toggle it. What is Safe Update Mode? Safe Update Mode in MySQL is

CSS Filter Property

CSS3 has truly enabled us to do more with very less. The Filter is an example of the same. This property defines visual effects (like blur and saturation) to an element (often <img>). Usage Lets use this image and apply the various filter effect and seee how they actually look! 1. blur(x) This function applies

QR Code Information Data Format

A QR (Quick Response) code is a type of a barcode which is used to store information is a visual machine-learning format. QR Code is being used extensively in a lot of industries for various applications. QR codes can be used effectively in marketing as well. For e.g., a URL or Visiting Card information can

Nodejs Child Process

Using multiple processes is the best way to scale a Node application. Node.js is designed for building distributed applications with many nodes. This is why it’s named Node. Scalability is baked into the platform and it’s not something you start thinking about later in the lifetime of an application. In this article we look at

AWS Web Hosting Facts & Stats (Infographic)

For over 15 years now Amazon has been conquering the world of web hosting. You might be unable to purchase a shared hosting plan directly from the online giant, but, more likely than not, you already have used services running on Amazon Web Services. Netflix, Reddit, AOL, and Pinterest are some of the most popular names

Fix Broken Docker Container

Sometimes you may have changed a configuration in a Docker container with an entry script and the container has broken after the restart. In such case you may find it difficult to start the container back. Docker has provided with the most simplest way to fix broken docker containers. First of all you want to