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Handling Mac OSX DS_Store In Your Projects

If you use a Mac you must have seen the pesky DS_Store files at a lot of places. These files store custom attributes of a folder on your Apple macOS. These files, though important on your local machine, may get into your projects sometimes and get committed in Git repositories as well. If you publish your

Introduction to Google App Script

Google Apps Script is a scripting language based on JavaScript which allows a way to easily connect third party applications and build addons for Google Products. More than 200+ million users worldwide use Google and their products. A lot of Google products are focused primarily on productivity suite. Hence there is a constant need to

Test Drive Sails.js

We have been using Express.js for all our projects so far and there are have been no regrets. But it was time that we developed a Bolierplate template that consists of all the dependencies and repeated stuff like Session management, CSRF, File Uploads etc. that are often needed for every project. So we started working

Writing Your First Dockerfile

A Dockerfile is a text document that contains all the commands a user could call on the command line to assemble an image. Once you have a Docker file ready you can “build” this file into an image and then spawn a container based on this image. In this article we will create a simple

Upgrading Node.js with NVM

Everytime there a new Node.js version is released you tend to Google “upgrade nodejs” go to the first link that pops up and follow the procedure there. Now thanks to Creationix, we have a much more cleaner way to do this. Presenting NVM — Node Version Manager. With NVM you can now upgrade and manage multiple

Disk Operations in Linux

Some of the commands in this article may cause unwanted behavior. Please use them at your own risk. Here are some basic disk operation commands that are needed regularly. List all drives lsblk -o NAME,FSTYPE,SIZE,MOUNTPOINT,LABEL Output NAME FSTYPE SIZE MOUNTPOINT LABEL sda 931.5G ├─sda1 ntfs 100M System Reserved ├─sda2 ext4 310.4G / ├─sda3 ntfs 310.5G

Measure Your Customer Retention In MySQL

Customer Retention is broadly defined as an assessment of the product or service quality provided by a business that measures how loyal its customers are. Customer retention statistics are typically expressed as a percentage of long term clients, and they are important to a business since satisfied retained customers tend to spend more, cost less and

Optimize PHP-FPM on VestaCP

We had seen installing VestaCP in our budget website tutorial series. VestaCP provides an easy to use web interface to manage and maintain your datacenter. VestaCP comes with PHP-FPM and there are a lot of different ways to efficiently configure it for optimal performance. On one of our datacenter which we manage was consuming more

Getting Started With Docker

Virtualization softwares have been in the market since ages. But there has always been a race to create more efficient and high performance platforms among the developers. Few years ago, this lead in the development of yet another virtualization platform — Docker. Docker is a wee bit different than the traditional virtualization platforms. Docker is